Independent and solo filmmaker
  • Name: Parinaz Hashemi

  • Birthday: 1971

  • Job: Independent filmmaker

  • Email:

  • Phone: +98 912 314 87 95

About Me

I am Parinaz Hashemi from Iran, hold an associate’s degree in Curatorial studies from the university of Cultural Heritage in Tehran.

I am an Independent and solo filmmaker and I am interested in social issues.

I have authored 3 books also.

I have over 20 years of experience in cinema and Television working as programmer, director assistant and editor in over 40 projects but I quit my job for 6 years and make documentary by my own now.


Year Name
2023 Lilium
2022 Bashla (In Progress)
2021 Ghasr Prison
2020 Colourful Dreams
2019 A girl from Parsian
2019 My share
2018 The little red fish
2016 The Rhythm of my life
2008 A smile for fire
2005 Next time
2004 I speak to you and I know that you hear me

My Resume

Year Movie/ Series Job title / Experience
1995 Mirza Yahya TV Series Script girl
1996 Nagofteha TV Movie Script girl
1996 Dovomin Enfejar TV Series Script girl
1996 Nazanin Khanum TV Series Script girl
1997 Katibeh TV Movie Script girl
1997 Khodro Tehran 11 TV Movie Script girl
1997 Akharin Tak Savar Cinema Movie Script girl
1998 Javani Cinema Movie Script girl
1998 Roozhaye Zendegi TV Series Script girl
1998 Tabloyie Baraye Eshgh Cinema Movie Script girl
1999 Do Rooz Ba ham Movie TV Script girl
1999 Aghoosh haye Khali TV Series Script girl
1999 Nasle Sookhte Cinema Movie Script girl
1999 Mother Cinema Movie ( Short film) Programmer
2000 Dokhtary Be Name Tondar Cinema Movie Script girl
2000 Bachehaye Naft Cinema Movie Script girl
2000 Eshghe Film Cinema Movie Script girl
2001 Bachehaye Naft Book Author
2001 Darsy Baraye Farda Cinema Movie Programmer
2001 Az Ghoroob Ta Toloo Short Movie Programmer
2001 Dokhtare Shirini Foroosh Cinema Movie Script girl
2002 Cheraghe Jadoo TV Series Script girl
2002 Kolah Ghermezi wa Sarvenaz Cinema Movie Script girl
2002 Baghe Boloor TV Series Script girl
2003 Asphalt TV Movie Script girl
2003 Golhaye Aftab Gardan Cinema Movie Programmer/ Director Assistant
2003 Koodakane Cinema Movie Script girl
2003 Moshtarake Morede Nazar … Short Movie Programmer/ Director Assistant
2004 Dary be Khiaban Short Movie Script girl
2004 Dorsa Cinema Movie Script girl
2004 Dame Sobh Cinema Movie Script girl
2004 Bachehaye BAM Book Author
2004 Ba to Harf mizanam … Short Movie Director / Editor
2004 Iran Ministry of Transport Advertising Movie Editor
2005 Zire Derakhte Holoo Cinema Movie Script girl
2005 Asre Jome Cinema Movie Script girl
2005 Merci Cinema Movie Script girl
2005 Next Time Short Movie Director / Editor
2006 Minaye Shahre Khamush Cinema Movie Script girl
2006 Nasle Jadooye Script Girl/ Programmer
2007 Movaghat Documentary Director Assistant / Programmer
2007 Wahidi Azar Documentary Director Assistant / Programmer
2008 Che Guevara Documentary Editor
2008 A smile for fire. Short Movie Director / Editor
2008 Divar Neweshtehaye Zendane Ghasr Book Author
2008 Swiss Open Air Advertising Movie Short Movie Editor
2009 Ashpazbashi TVseries Script girl
2010 Behind Ashpazbashi(poshte sahne serial) Editor/Director
2011 Najvaha TV Movie Assistant director/Programmer
2012 Kaghazhaye rangi TV Movie Assistant director/Programmer
2012 Siro va Serke TV Series Executive producer/Programmer
2013 Milyarder TV Series Assistant director /Programmer
2014 Mehrabani Short Movie Assistant director /Programmer
2014 Lost human language International documentary Director/Editor
2015 making a film of Scientific Conference in Georgia university Director/Editor/Photographer
2016 The rhythm of my life Director/Editor
2017 Ali VS Ali documentary movie Editor
2018 The little red fish Director /Editor
2019 A girl from Parsian Dirctor/Editor
2019 My Share Director/ Editor
2020 Colorful Dreams Director/ Editor
2023 Lilium Director/ Editor

My Films


Nahid is a girl from the north of Iran, got acquainted with the Hirkani project and joined the project as a facilitator. Now that the project has been completed for 4 years, he takes all that he has learned to the south of Iran, Balochistan, to do empowerment work with the people there.

Colourful Dreams

In one of the most deprived areas of Iran, Dashtiari in the Balochistan region, there are people who believe they can fight to achieve their dreams based on own abilities and do their best to improve the living conditions for themselves and others. People who trying to make colorful dreams.

Ghasr Prison
(In progress)

The Qasr Prison was one of the largest political prisons in Iran, many years ago, it was turning into a museum garden.

A girl from parsian

This film, is about some Iranian women living in a small southern town, who do their outmost efforts to achieve one of their prohibited rights, and try to fight for it.

My share

In a deprived part of Iran called Baluchistan, people are trying to help spread awareness by building libraries in villages.

The little red fish

This film is about people from all over the world who travel to Iran and experience the connection of people together without regard for governments and politics.

The Rhythm of my life

Do you think you can live better if you find the rhythm of your life?

A smile for fire

A religious invocation prevalent among Iranians, as well as other Muslim nations, is the tradition of preparing and sharing food offerings among people, commonly carried out in special religious occasions like anniversaries of the martyrdom of prophets and Imams.

Next time

A lonely woman prepares herself to meet someone she loves, but nothing goes the way she wanted.

I speak to you and I know that you hear me

Many years ago it was a very large earthquake occurred in a city called Bam, in Iran. This movie is about some dreams of the children who lived there and their letters to God.

My Books

Bachehaye Naft
Bachehaye BAM
Divar Neweshtehaye Zendane Ghasr

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